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1. Intended purpose of data recording, processing and use
Swoboda KG is a leading company in the development and manufacturing of high-precision plastic components with metallic inserts, winding element, electrical assembly and connection technology, whereby special solutions are produced for use in the automotive industry and in electrical engineering. Data are recorded, processed and utilised for the above purposes.

2. Group(s) of people affected and relevant data and data categories.
Data relating to customers, employees, suppliers and business partners if required for the purposes set out in no. 1.

3. Recipients of data or categories of recipients
Public bodies in the event of the existence of priority legal regulations, external contractors in accordance with §11 BDSG as well as external sites and internal divisions of Swoboda KG for fulfilling the purposes set out in no. 1
4. Statutory periods for the deletion of the data
A variety of storage obligations and deadlines are stipulated by law. On expiry of these periods the data in question are routinely deleted if they are no longer required for fulfilling the contract. Data not affected by this are deleted as soon at the purposes set out in no.1 cease to apply.

5. Planned data forwarding to third countries (outside the EU)
The forwarding of data outside the Group to third countries is not planned.

The person responsible for data protection at Swoboda KG is
Mr Robert Müller.