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Environmental awareness as a central theme

Environmental protection is a central theme in our present day and age. We support our clients in their commitment to producing environment-friendly automotive products. The assemblies and components we produce, e.g. the transmission control units or camshaft adjusters used in these vehicles, are manufactured primarily to reduce fuel consumption and CO2 emissions into the air. As partners in the international automotive industry and as manufacturers of high-voltage assemblies, we therefore make an important contribution to electromobility.
Our production methods form a key part of our commitment to the environment. In order to combat and reduce risks to the environment, all of our production plants are certified according to ISO 14001 standards. One of our most important aims is to optimize manufacturing processes using environment-compatible materials and to reduce the use of energy resources. Environmental awareness is therefore part of our daily work.
Examples of how we achieve this are:

  • The reduction by 20% of material use by optimizing product designs
  • The use of recyclable packaging in the product chain between Swoboda, our suppliers and the customer
  • The use of water-cooled compressors and refrigeration techniques, as well as the use of residual heat for heating our buildings
  • The use of high-economy lighting instead of conventional lighting
  • Einsatz von energiesparenden Motoren und Frequenzumrichtern
  • New exterior lighting using the latest LED technology