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Training with Swoboda provides you with a solid basis for a future-oriented career.

Training has always been very important at Swoboda – the products and services we provide are built upon our employees’ high level of expertise. There are currently 50 young people in training in the technical and commercial fields in Wiggensbach, learning how to deal independently and responsibly with resources and technology.
At Swoboda, it’s very important to us to provide you with extensive support and encouragement, right from the first day:

an introductory program lasting several days will familiarize you with the company, your trainers and our trainees. A dedicated team of trainers will accompany you during the first stage of your career and provide you with the tools you need. In training-based careers in the technical area you will be working in our modern and very well-equipped training workshop. As a trainee in the commercial area, you will be familiarized with the relevant departments in close consultation and with the active support of qualified trainee supervisors.

Our view of training also includes get-acquainted excursions as well as information events on socially relevant issues such as the debt trap, drug and addiction prevention and a critical approach to the electronic media. Internships and introductory apprenticeships at Swoboda offer you initial insights into various career profiles.

We look forward to receive your detailed application materials. It’s best to apply in August for a trainee slot the following year.
Our training-based careers at a glance