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Environmental awareness as a central theme

Swoboda is a partner for the international automotive industry. We support our customers in their commitment to reduce environmental emissions and the use of environmentally compatible processes and materials.

As manufacturers of high-voltage assemblies, we therefore make an important contribution to electromobility. For example, we develop transmission sensors and pedal sensors which contribute to the lowering of fuel consumption.

Requirements of sustainability and environmental protection are firmly established objectives. Environmental matters are addressed in all tasks and decision-making processes. Our environmentally friendly processes are verified regularly in accordance with EN ISO 14001.

Examples of how we achieve this are:

  • The reduction by 20% of material use by optimizing product designs
  • The use of recyclable packaging in the product chain between Swoboda, our suppliers and the customer
  • The use of water-cooled compressors and refrigeration techniques, as well as the use of residual heat for heating our buildings
  • The use of high-economy lighting instead of conventional lighting
  • Use of energy-saving motors and frequency converters
  • New exterior lighting using the latest LED technology