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  • The first Swoboda building in Wiggensbach
  • 1945 - First Hartmann microswitch with magnetic closing system

Our history from 1947 till present

Today's company is the merger of the Swoboda Group and the Hartmann Group. Here you will find the most important milestones of both companies. Since July 1, 2018 the company operates under the name Swoboda.

Important milestones in the Swoboda history

1947Foundation of Textil GmbH by Max Swoboda in Wiggensbach/ Allgäu
1961Entry into the automotive industry with the production of wiring harnesses
1968Start-up of injection molding technology
1985Start-up of coil winding technology
1989First production of plastic part with bonding characteristics
1994Foundation of Swoboda CZ, s.r.o. in Jihlava, Czech Republic
1995Commissioning of the first complex automated production line
1997Foundation of Swoboda Inc., Grand Rapids, (Michigan USA)
2001Start of fully automated production plant for sensor housings for airbag control units
2002Production of the first oil-sealed lead frames for automatic transmissions
2004Founding of a subsidiary company for precision electrical component stamping, Swoboda-Stamping, s.r.o. in Jilhava, Czech Republic
2007Change of ownership to second generation of the Swodoba family sells to the current owners. Swodoba remains a family-owned company
2009Production of the first sensor assembly with diagnostics capability
2011Foundation of Swoboda (Kunshan) Co., Ltd. in China
2012Acquisition of NewTec Innovation SRL at Timisoara in Romania (today Swodoba Timisoara S.R.L.)
2013Hartmann-exact Group becomes a 100% subsidiary of the Swoboda Group. Transfer of Hartmann production plant in Sibiu in Romania to Swoboda Group
2014Founding Swoboda Mechatronics SA de CV, San Juan del Río/Querétaro, Mexico.
Acquisition of the tool shop Rainer Mattausch GmbH in Zirndorf near Nuremberg, Germany (today location Fuerth)
2016Moving the tool shop to Fürth into the newly built Swoboda tool shop center
2018Merger of Swoboda and Hartmann

Environmental awareness as a guideline

Important milestones in the Hartmann history

1936Company founded by Eduard Hartmann in Nieder-Ramstadt near Darmstadt / Germany. Manufacture of frames made from high-quality woods and artificial horn for the bags industry, later manufacture of fountain pens, mechanical pencils and ball pens
1942Company headquarters moves to Schornbach
1945Entry into electrical engineering with the first HARTMANN microswitch with a magnetic closing system
1966Manufacture of first products for the automotive industry
1998Fully-automated production of micro-compact switches begins
2000Change of owner; the 3rd generation of the Hartmann family sold its shares to the current owners, among others, however, Hartmann remains a family-run business
2002Development of the first electronic sensor for measurement of seat position
2004Establishment of production facilities in Romania.
Implementation of the first hall systems in the convertible car business segment
2007Serial production starts for rotation angle sensors
2010Transmission sensors launched
2011The company celebrates its 75th anniversary
2013Owners of the Swoboda Group purchase an additional 50% of the stock and become sole owners of the Hartmann-exact Group. Founding of Hartmann-exact. Inc. Auburn Hills (Michigan, USA)
2015Founding of Hartmann-exact SA de CV in San Juan del Río / Querétaro, Mexico
2018Merger of Swoboda and Hartmann