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"Global customer contacts and a friendly working environment makes working here enjoyable."

Mareike R.

"Our balanced corporate culture and the harmonious working environment are an advantage for personal and professional development."

Valeria Craciun

„I like the good environment here and the chance for development.”

Binbin Zhao

"I like working in a friendly team and in a company that has perspective and a promising future."

Alice Burianová

"It's fun working together with my colleagues. I really like the work climate."

Vera Dinges

"What I like most about our company is the high quality of our corporate culture."

Miroslav Rybář

"I am very much aware that we work for the best worldwide."

Daniela Nica

"I find the work interesting thanks to the possibility of professional and personal development, and the ability to gain knowledge and experience."

Zdeněk Hruška

"My favorite thing about my work is that I always get to do something new and interesting."

Vojtěch Andres

"Mastering new challenges together with a great team on a daily basis is enjoyable."

Bernd K.

„I manage my family as career, vice versa.”

Cuixiang Ma

"I like the company's attitude towards every individual employee."

Dan Dolejší


Our employees are the ones who reflect the image of our company and make our products excellent. Only through unconventional ideas, profound know-how and the persistent will of our employees to achieve peak performance have we become globally successful.

We invest in the best available talent in order to be able to develop the most demanding products, both now and in the future. This applies equally to apprentice training and the further development of established employees.