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Swoboda at electronica in Munich

3,000 companies from over 50 countries, nearly 75,000 visitors with a total of 88 different nationalities, and a motto that has moved the industry like no other: "Connected worlds—safe and secure." At the beginning of November, the electronica 2016 trade fair in Munich turned into remarkable summit for innovation, in particular, among other things, in the automotive electronics. As one of the world's leading high-tech companies, Swoboda KG attended the trade fair—with its own 120 square meters exhibition space.
"With our microelectronics and components for their functionality, we have been setting the course for the future of vehicle development for years," says Swoboda Managing Director Michael Follmann. "As a leading supplier for the integration of electronics and thanks to our reliable microelectronic components, we, together with our customers, work to make vehicles more comfortable and secure." It is therefore not surprising that Swoboda was present at electronica 2016.
"Our presence at the trade fair was a complete success," emphasizes Christian Gösser, Managing Director Sales (CSO) of the Swoboda Group. Not only did Swoboda strengthen contacts to existing customers, they also gained new ones.
For four days, experts and representatives of the automotive industry as well as interested visitors had the opportunity to discuss with experts and inform themselves about Swoboda products while having the chance to inspect the large exhibits from the transmission and steering sector. The centerpiece: an Audi A8 cut in half, which was downright "besieged" by the visitors.
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Electronica 2016 1.jpg
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