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Collaboration with universities and research is our driving force for innovation.

Swoboda fully understands the demands and requirements of its customers.
We develop innovative manufacturing methods that enable new, additional functions, improved product designs and reduced material costs.

This is not only based on the know-how and creativeness of our staff. To Swoboda, innovation means working in close conjunction with external institutes and technical universities. Development projects are based on talks with our customers and our own ideas and then implemented together with external partners. During the project development phase, the experience our technicians and engineers culminate with the fundamental principles and methodologies applied by the technical universities.
In good hands, from start to finish

Joint projects

The wide spectrum of relevant project themes encompasses process-related solutions, e.g. the burr-free stamping of aluminium components, gripper technology for complex stamping dies or the laser-welding of copper alloys or galvanization techniques. Collaboration with the University of Kempten, the University of Stuttgart and the Technical University Munich are examples of successful projects which we would like to continue in the years to come.